Here goes nothing; here goes everything

Hey sistas x

Welcome to my little corner on the internet !!😁😁. So I started a blog yayyyy(relax Naya…no pressure😥). Starting this blog has been in the pipeline for me for a long time. I literally had to push myself despite my fears and concerns to start this blog. Thank you Jesus !

Let’s face it, the internet and social media presents a perfect, flawless, put together life of people and we ordinary folks can hardly relate to such perfection. Well i say screw pretending to be perfect when you actually go through REAL struggles and having someone you can relate to is theraphy in and of itself. One way I deal with all the negativity and stress is to remind myself that I am human and that God made me this way for a reason, and I remind myself to keep persevering. Hence, I’m not perfect and it’s okay.

RelatableSis is a faith + lifestyle blog where I get to share my super relatable christian experiences and basically my growth process as a college student living in Nigeria, my love for photography and everything in between. It’s basically a tell-all blog.

I’m incredibly psyched to embark on this journey of growth !!!

‘Til my next post… stay beYOUtiful😍😍

11 thoughts on “Here goes nothing; here goes everything

  1. We’re all incredible in our own different ways. I may be incredibly stupid, but at least I’m unique in that aspect. Finding and accepting yourself is pivotal to personal growth and development.

    Your experience and ideas on this subject deserves to be shared on a YouTube channel. Your good works would help elevate a lot of dying souls.

    Nice work Naya.

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  2. Yeah! Life is too short for Comparison. It stresses the hell out of one! I learnt a lot from your work, Naya.
    A great piece you’ve got there.



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