Hallo Leute und willkommen zurück in meinem Blog( little German for you😗😗). Allow me to translate; hello guys and welcome to my blog .

So i decided to do something different today. I know i usually post ‘mental positivity’ content, and that would continue subsequently. Today, in the spirit of TGIF😊, i am going to be answering some FAQs (frequently asked questions) about myself.

Let’s get right into it people!!!!

Q: What’s your full name?

A: My name is Okafor Ifunanyachukwu Anwulichukwuka Obianuju Gift.

Q: What state are you from ?

A: I’m a bit of hybrid😁. My dad is from Anam in Anambra State (so i am from Anambra State), but my mom was from Owerri in Imo state. I say was ’cause she’s late.

Q: Favorite food ?

A: My favourite food is Rice and Ofe Aku. I love it ! Another favourite is pounded yam and ofe nsala with gizzard and chicken🙃.

Q: Favourite movie genre?
A: I love watching horror movies, comedies, suspenseful and thriller movies for sure.

Q: What talents do you have?
A: LOL truth be told i ask myself this question a lot actually. I know God gave everyone talents so i wouldn’t say i don’t have any. If public speaking and doing really well in school were talents then i guess those would be my talents 😊😊😊

Q: What made you start RelatableSis ?

A: I saw RelabaleSis as a means through which i could express my pent up emotions and thoughts. I wanted to overcome my fear of literally everything by doing something. Anything. And i was divinely inspired to create a blog where i could share my struggles and also my growth.

Q: What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
A: Hmm. I think that would be the time i preached in front of a packed auditorium at a pastoral competition. It was a competition for the teenagers and pre-teens in all Province 13 Redeemed Christian churches. It was especially scarry because I’m not a competitive person and i had to compete against a lot of other children. But i won and i was an honorary Children Pastor for a whole year. Halleluyah somebody 🙌🙌

Q: What’s your favourite colour ?
A: Black. I love black coloured clothes, black nails, black shoes etc.

Q: What are some of your pet peeves ?
I don’t people who are prideful. People who look unkempt. I especially do not like people who spell ‘I’m’ as ‘am’. Stop it already !

Q: How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as ‘comfy casual’. I wear a lot of trousers and shirts with trainers or flats.

Q: Why did you cut your hair and how long have you been rocking a low cut ?
A: There’s actually a very deep story behind why i cut my hair (and i would blog about it). But for the purposes of this Q&A I’ll just say i desperately needed a change. I have rocked my lowcut for about six months now.

Q: How many colours have you dyed your hair?
A: So far, I’ve dyed my hair two colours. I’ve been a blonde and brunette. I definitely would like to try other colours.

Q: How tall are you?

A: I am 5ft 2inches

That’s it for my very first Q&A💃💃💃. I hope you enjoyed it. Yes! That’s all we are sharing for now. Trust me, I intend to share more. I hope you feel closer to me now that you know these little facts about me.

Let me know in the comments if you would want more Q&As to be featured on this blog. Also, before you run along, let me know, also in the comments, one thing about you. It could be anything, something you’re really good at or something you love or hate doing.

‘Till my next post….stay beYOUtiful😚😚


  1. Your name is Obianuju, yaay! I would definitely love more Q&As. Something I hate doing is drinking water before and after brushing in the morning, I don’t know how people do that!

    Liked by 1 person

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